Jeanne Garland is a senior designer that works here at The Design Source in Sugar Land, Tx!

Her work is featured throughout our website and she exudes her talent in every home she touches. Inspired at an early age to create beautiful and functional spaces, Jeanne has created a successful interior design business.

With over 30 years of experience and operating her own design firm, Jeanne has built quite a impressive portfolio!  Her extensive work includes design spanning the US with projects from San Francisco all the way to New York.  Although she has created residential and commercial design alike, she has designed multi million dollars showcases and numerous model homes.

Today, we get a look into the home of our beloved Senior Designer!

Jeanne shares 24 acres with her family in Sienna Plantation, where her father, Sam Blackburn, built three houses and oversaw construction of the other two. It is safe to say that the work put into these homes were very personalized and heart-felt! Jeanne’s vision for her home is that of a Camelot. As she has added pieces over the years to keep it up to date, the architecture remains that of a castle.

The front door is designed as a gothic, arch door to symbolize the beginning of your journey through her “castle”.

You enter to the stairs where you look up and an architecturally engaging angel stands with natural light beaming from its edges as if it is glowing.

The formal dining room features two tables for easy conversation and a grand piano symbolizing pure elegance.

We make our way over to the living room on a travertine tile and a traditional style that leaves you in awe. All pieces were found at The Design Source.

Jeanne loves hosting parties, so she tends extra attention to making sure the layout is ideal for entertaining. She has an open kitchen  and seating all around the bar area for plenty of seating convenience.

Tucked away, she has a little niche that is especially for her! Her interest in art, fashion and interior design is what sets her apart from other designers!

In the game room, she lets her favorite color play a role: Pink! These pink club chairs are definitely risk takers for the traditional client, but creates such a statement if you are willing to dive in! With a play area for her grandkids and a foosball table for family fun, you know you’ll always have a blast at the Garland home.

The master wing is composed of two bedrooms, one which leads to a study, and two bathrooms. One bedroom has a feminine personality while the other exudes masculinity. Let’s take a look at the feminine room and bath! It looks like something straight out of a dream with its white and pale pink impressions.

Class and elegance doesn’t even begin to describe this space. The Masculine room and attached study show more burgundy and black tones for a rich, castle-like mood.

We find our way up the 20-foot high staircase, intended to add visual texture to the living room, and you land in her personal exercise room. The massive floor mirror adds a traditional take to the typical exercise room along with the added brick accent. The cathedral ceilings are painted raven black.

To the right a gallery of wall art leads you to the now-grown children’s rooms, Cherise and John Paul.

A second game room upstairs features a balcony overlooking the living room is designated for sleepovers with the grand kids. Two king beds in white linen lay side by side with pink chairs & fashion artwork, as her grandkids follow in her footsteps!

The surrounding grounds are just as serene as the home itself. Several water oak trees line the street with Oyster creek on one side of the property and Black Lake on the other side, behind Jeanne’s house. A greenhouse, a courtyard, open land, a playground, and a pool make the house personalized to all of Jeanne’s passions. Family is number one in Jeanne’s book so having a place for her grandkids to play is key!


Altogether, this home is a work of art. Waking up to a place that is personalized to you is the ultimate dream and our team at The Design Source can help you achieve that.

Whether your look is contemporary, transitional, or traditional, award winning interior design, Jeanne Garland has devoted her life’s work to making her clients worlds beautiful, functional and comfortable.

As Jeanne quotes:

“A thing of beauty is to be treasured forever.   Make a master plan for your home, just like you make a master plan for your life.”


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Written by: Rachael Blackburn

Photographed by: Rachael Blackburn

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